Friday, 3 June 2011

Three Monsters

I'm often chastised by my long suffering other half when I bring home books about monsters, but this tale doesn't set out to scare little girls and boys - rather teach them a valuable lesson about tolerance, and treating others as you would be treated yourself. 

Adults will read between the lines of David (Mr Benn, Elmer, Two-Can Toucan, Not Now Bernard) McKee's book and instantly recognise the themes within. Two lazy monsters rule their habitat until one day an 'outsider' comes along, with a simple request for somewhere to live as his own land has been destroyed. 
What follows is a rather neat moral tale that is as relevant now as when the book was originally written. Some readers have taken offence to this book, saying that the themes are possibly too grown up and rather too much to stomach for most children, but there's never a wrong time to teach your youngsters that we're all the same under the skin. 

Charlotte's best bit: The magical island that Yellow Monster makes
Daddy's favourite bit: Blue Monster - the Daily Mail reader. 

Rating - 5 out of 5