Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Knuffle Bunny Too - a case of mistaken identity

Most toddlers have a favourite toy that they refuse to be separated from. My nephew is on his third (or is it fourth) Joe Jingles (though I think it's only the third or fourth because of some sneaky midnight swapping by his parents, and spun stories about Joe being 'reborn' every once in a while because the old one gets so manky!) Charlotte's current favourite is a singing unicorn (yes, it really sings, and if you've any experience with 'singing' toys, singing is a very loose description of what goes on). 

The wee lass in this book is hopelessly and completely in love with her Knuffle Bunny (that's ker-nuffle, not Nuffle) and proudly takes it with her on her first day at school. Sadly, she soon realises that it's not as unique as she thought. Her evil nemesis at school, the terrible Sonja, also has a Knuffle Bunny (that's Nuffle, not Ker-nuffle) and after arguments and a mix up, the wrong bunny goes home with the wrong girl. 

An amusing tale, with rather neat artwork (a mixture of bold drawn characters and surroundings mixed with photo montages), and a happy ending. 

Charlotte's best bit - The classroom argument

Daddy's favourite bit - Fully identifying with the daddy trying to instil in his daughter the meaning of '2 AM'

Rating: 4 out of 5