Tuesday, 26 July 2011

More Mr Bloom coming soon, boom boom!

The first series of CBeebies show "Mr Bloom's Nursery" was a big hit with Charlotte, with its mixture of vegetable characters, insanely catchy songs (try getting the theme tune out of your head once it's in there!) and of course the rather personable Mr Bloom himself, wonderfully played by the series creator Ben Faulkner. Despite the original location and plot being 'recycled', the new show is now filming in various locations with new surprises in store for young viewers. 

A new veggie joins the usual gang of Joan, Margaret, Sebastian, Raymond and of course everyone's favourite bean Colin. Compo (the composter) has also had a makeover so he'll be able to do a bit more and wow the kids. 

The series kicks off with a few special episodes, set to air over the long summer holiday. If your children are still avidly watching the re-runs, news of a second series is certainly going to be welcome.