Thursday 20 October 2011

Dr Dog

Feeling poorly? Nasty cough and cold? Then you need Dr Dog, the canine medical expert and the star of our book of the week this week. Dr Dog belongs to the Gumboyle Family, an unhealthy (and pretty gross) bunch who send for the poor pooch while he's on a lecture tour of Brazil. 

Dr Dog soon gets down to the grubby business of curing the family's various ailments in hilarious style. Grandad's wind, Kurt's illicit bike-shed smoking and Baby's absolutely disgusting habits are all tackled in good stead by Dr Dog. 

Babette Cole's book is a mixture of fantastic wobbly cartoon drawings, true facts (rather gross true facts, it's fair to say) about the human body and all the horrible things an unhealthy family do to it. Like all children's books that err on the side of being slightly unpalatable, this has been a massive hit with Charlotte - so much so that the other 7 books we got from the library have been swept aside in favour of reading and re-reading this little gem. Deservedly our book of the week. 

Charlotte's best bit - Grandad farting the house down (!)

Daddy's favourite bit - Dr Dog's cure for his own stress. 

Rating - 5 out of 5 stars - Book of the Week!