Friday, 14 October 2011

Old Tree Stump

The Oxford University Press "Reading Tree" series of books are used in schools for early readers and are published in "skill sets", grouped by a child's reading age. 

Old Tree Stump is a contemporary spin on the classic "Giant Turnip" children's story. In this book, a young lad tries to help his dad move a bothersome tree stump from the back garden. It's too big a task for the pair of them, so they enlist the help of various characters from their neighbourhood. 

Like most of the Reading Tree books, Old Tree Stump contains repetition and plenty of easy to identify / easy to read words for young readers. Great illustrations help young readers along with their reading efforts. They're a great series of books and should definitely find their way into your child's library if they fancy getting a head start before starting school. 

Charlotte's best bit: The end of the story and what happens to the stump!

Daddy's favourite bit: The same. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars