Friday, 28 October 2011


We've reviewed Colin McNaughton's excellent Preston Pig adventure "Suddenly..." here at ReadItDaddy. Here's another book in the series, and once again the Big Bad Wolf would like nothing better than to make a nice bacon sandwich out of our witless hero, Preston Pig (who is always renamed "Merlin the Happy Pig" by Charlotte for some unknown reason). 

Preston has been rather naughty at home, breaking a precious piece of his mum's china, so he's sent on an errand to visit his poorly grandmother with some goodies. 

The tale takes a rather familiar twist, and even the hapless wolf tries to remember where he's heard of a story where someone wearing a red hood goes to visit their grandmother with a basket of goodies - and of course what happens in the end. 

If only wolves had better memories eh? Oops!

Charlotte's best bit - Preston's Grandmother Pig

Daddy's favourite bit - Sly stealing of a classic story and turning it into something hilarious. 

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars