Friday 28 October 2011

Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears

Here's a very odd children's book. Can you imagine all the things a mouse might be afraid of? No? Well here's a handy pre-chewed reference book that not only has a really unique layout and set of illustrations (with a very mousey feel throughout), but a book that teaches children the long and convoluted names of various phobias. 

Musophobics (those scared of mice, not music!) might not like the rodentine flavour of this tome but it's sparklingly original, very informative and quite fun when you watch your children trying to wrap their tongues around the various words within. 

Charlotte's best bit - The rather neat Dog / Cat monster

Daddy's favourite bit - Lovely scratchy, scritchy ink artwork by Emily Gravett

Rating - 3 out of 5

(Please note - Publishers - Amazon seem to have removed publisher details from many of their book listings. Campaign to get them put back on!)