Friday, 28 October 2011

YUCK! That's not a monster!

I have it on good authority from my beautiful and wise other half that I have been neglecting my blogging duties. Work has got in the way once again but now I've got 5 minutes free and a full cup of coffee for my afternoon break, I'll dive back into our recent stack of books from the library and resume reviewing duties. 

"Yuck! That's not a monster" is a delicious little book full of, well, monsters obviously - but one monster in particular is a little different from the rest. When Mr and Mrs Monster have a clutch of three eggs, two hatch into nasty spiky little beasties but one contains a rather sweet, fluffy little creature the proud parents name "Shock!"

Shock is shy, shock doesn't like stamping on worms or scaring people like his brother and sister. In fact his brother and sister have to tow him around in a cart with a tarpaulin over him to save their embarrassment at having such a wet and weedy little brother. 

However Shock gets the chance to prove himself. How? Well obviously you'll have to read the book but it's rather sweet and funny with some cracking illustrations courtesy of Alison Edgeson. 

Charlotte's best bit - Shock is a bit soppy, let's put it that way!

Daddy's favourite bit - Parenting tips, monster style. Breathe stinky breath on your kids and then wail to them!

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars