Thursday, 1 December 2011

Captain Gamma - Mission to Mars

Coming across like a slightly more bullish and mean version of Buzz Lightyear, Captain Gamma is the first human to set foot on mars. Claiming it for earth, Captain Gamma doesn't realise that he might not be alone up there. 

An amusing little tale that makes you wonder how we'd react to meeting an alien species for the first time. Captain Gamma's bullish and rather greedy ways are soon put in check when he meets his match in a pint-sized blue alien who doesn't take too kindly to being captured for display in an earth zoo. 

Charlotte had previously seen this book at her preschool and jumped at the chance to grab it from the library and it is an excellent book for kids obsessed with all things spacey. 

Charlotte's best bit - The alien's blue bottom sticking out from behind a rock while playing hide and seek

Daddy's favourite bit - Captain Gamma's comeuppance for his greedy and avaricious ways

Rating - 4 out of 5 (shooting) stars