Thursday 1 December 2011

We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog

I have this little girl, Charlotte. She's small and very funny - and seems to be slightly obsessed with Charlie and Lola. In "We honestly can look after your dog" Lola takes centre stage as usual, and aided and abetted by her best friend Lotta, offers to help look after Sizzles. 

Those of you who've seen the TV programme will probably know that Sizzles is the cute and rather clever (and extremely hungry) sausage dog belonging to Marv, Charlie's best friend. While Charlie and Marv have a game of football, Lotta and Lola look after Sizzles (poor Sizzles ends up with a rather fetching bow on his head, and hair slides attached to his ears, owch!)

Needless to say, Lola can't quite look after Sizzles as well as she expected and when not one but TWO sizzles end up vying for her attention, things get out of hand. 

Any of you with children who constantly clamour for pets might easily identify with the message in this book. With Lauren Child's superb art work and montages, it's a winner for fans of the show. 

Charlotte's best bit - Sizzles' expression after being "made over" by Lotta and Lola

Daddy's favourite bit - Sizzles one and Sizzles two reacting differently to the "Sit" command. 

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars