Thursday, 5 April 2012

The EcoEgg Laundry Egg

It's takeover blog time! A change from the usual books and as it's easter, here's CanIWalkMummy with a review of the EcoEgg, which we recently received for review. Over to you, The Wife!

We were all so excited at receiving our EcoEgg as we do have a sensitive skin person in our house, even Charlotte wanted to get in at putting some washing on. We did a machine detox as recommended (which we often do) whilst trying to cram all the little balls into the egg, this was easier said than done and Charlotte was tasked with finding the ones that went across the kitchen floor!
Charlotte loaded the machine with her clothes and popped the ecoegg in on top, a drop of fabric softener in the drawer (as I like the smell, and we live in a hard water area - but as the instructions say, its not needed) and off the machine went.

The results:

Well it freshened her clothes up and got rid of a few dirty marks but her really grubby socks (from taking her shoes off at pre-school) still looked grubby. The instructions say to add stain-remover if needed and I think with kids clothes this would be needed every wash, whereas with our usual washing powder its only used on the extra tough stains.

We also used the eco egg on a couple of other washes and it performed fine, it can be used up to 60c which is what I wash our sheets and towels on to kill any germs.

My only concerns are that it's a bit of a weight and could have an effect on how well your machine performs on a spin cycle or eventually impact on the life cycle of the washing machine. The ecoegg can stay in the washing machine during rinse and spin cycle and if you have the option on your machine you can do away with the rinse cycles, but I do prefer to try and take the egg out before one of the rinse cycles as with sensitive skin I think its best to have a clean rinse. Taking the egg out early is a bit of a faff though, pausing the machine at the right time and then rummaging through the soaking wet clothes to find the egg. We had read reviews of eggs coming open in the wash, but after 4 washes the egg still hasn't opened in the wash and is firmly locked (but check it before every wash).
A positive I found is not having the sludge of gel washing capsules stuck to the rim of the washing machine, or dusting of powder trapped in the same place.


After all of this I think its great for those with sensitive skin, and if you are a household who mostly just wash their clothes to freshen them up than actually needing to get rid of x, y and z stains then it will work well and save lots of money (up to £216). As an amendment to the summary we should mention that the ecoegg leaves no residue at all in the machine or on clothing at all.

Lots more information on the product can be found on the Ecoegg website

Charlotte's best bit - Putting the special wash beads in the egg itself (despite being fiddly) and being allowed to use the washing machine!

CanIWalkMummy's favourite bit - Fresh smell, less fabric softener and it would definitely save money in the long run.

ReadItDaddy's favourite bit - It really works, my love!

Rating - 3 out of 5 stars