Friday, 25 May 2012

Sausages! by Jessica Souhami (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

If we were to ask Charlotte what her favourite meal was, she'd instantly reply "Sausages and Mash!" so it's probably quite fortunate that she never gets granted three wishes by grateful elves, like the couple in this retelling of the classic fables of yore.

When a man rescues an elf from a thorn, he gets the aforementioned 3 wishes and thinks that it'll be an easy route to fortune and glory. But, of course, things never go quite as planned when magic and wishes are come by so easily.

Hilarity ensues when the man feels peckish one evening...

Jessica Souhami's book may retread fairly well-trodden ground but it does so in a way that appeals to children so neatly. Without over-complex illustrations, and without being preachy, it weaves a funny and charming warning tale of learning to appreciate what you've got rather than what you wish for.

As an aside, when we'd read through the book a few times I asked Charlotte what her three wishes would be

1) A princess castle with a prince in it called Prince Philip (!)
2) A lovely rabbit
3) Hair like mummy's, or Rapunzel's.

So there you have it, Elves, if you're listening...

Charlotte's favourite bit: What happens to the sausages after the second wish. Owch!

Daddy's favourite bit: Sausages and Mash, yum!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars