Friday, 25 May 2012

We're Going on a Picnic by Pat Hutchins (Red Fox Picture Books)

Pat Hutchins' book "Rosie's Walk" is one of those books mentioned in hushed tones of reverence in the same breath as books like "We're going on a Bear Hunt" and "The Gruffalo". Quite rightly so too, as it's beautifully illustrated and beautifully told.

This book "We're going on a Picnic" is hewn from the same stuff. A delightful romp of a journey with a hen (which could be an updated 'Rosie'), a Duck and a Goose deciding to make the best of the beautiful weather by having a picnic. Each picks their favourite food, each loads up the picnic basket, and each takes turns to carry it.

However, things go awry when the goose, the duck and the hen can't quite decide where to settle to enjoy their feast. Which is unfortunate because that's just the sort of dithering that uninvited picnic guests like to take advantage of!

Be warned. The nature of this book demands that as soon as you've finished it, you should really begin it all over again (and rest assured, your little ones will most certainly demand that you do!)

Charlotte's best bit: The naughty mouse, squirrel and rabbit

Daddy's favourite bit: Pat Hutchin's trademark 70s-style psychedelic artwork. Love it

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars