Friday, 20 July 2012

The Fairyspotter's Guide by Meg Clibbon and Lucy Clibbon (Zero To Ten)

Charlotte, dear heart, very rarely picks overtly 'girly' books out from the Library but as soon as she saw "The Fairyspotter's Guide" she absolutely went crazy for it. Like a cornucopia of pink and sparkly winsomeness wrapped up in book form, Meg and Lucy Clibbon's book details the secret lives (and different species) of fairies that secretly dwell at the bottom of your garden.

Tinkerbelles, Flower Fairies, Fairy Queens and even the rather naughty and mischievous fake fairies are all detailed with beautiful illustrations.

Charlotte loves the pictures and her own drawings often pick up cues from the various picture books we read so it was quite cute to find her drawing some of the fairies from this and including the various elements in her own scribblings.

Obviously not one for the rumbustious boys at home, but girls (even fairly tomboy-ish girls) will be utterly enchanted.

Charlotte's best bit: The Tinkerbelles, of course!

Daddy's favourite bit: Those rather rude fake fairies.

Rating: 3 out of 5 specks of fairy dust