Thursday, 20 September 2012

40 Uses for a Grandpa by Harriet Ziefert and Amanda Haley (Blue Apple Books)

Our lovely PR contact who handles Blue Apple Books has sent us three absolute corkers to read and the first one that caught Charlotte's attention was "40 uses for a Grandpa" by Harriet Ziefert and Amanda Haley.

We all know how awesome grandparents are. They're full of stories, they know how to fix things, they are (usually) quite sprightly and they have a wicked sense of mischief (particularly where Wagon Wheels are concerned, right Grandad?)

Charlotte adores them all and this book lists all the things that grandads are awesome at (there's an accompanying book for grandmas too, so they needn't feel left out.

As a grandmother herself, Harriet Ziefert writes on the subject with some authority and Amanda Haley's lovely cuddly illustrations are the perfect compliment to the 40 reasons why we all love Grandpa, Grandad, Grampy, Gangy-Ig or Dodo (yes, Charlotte has a grandad known simply as Dodo!)

A really lovely little book!

Charlotte's best bit: E-Pals (though in the picture the little girl is emailing, not Skyping :)

Daddy's favourite bit: Grandad the Cash Machine! (shhh don't mention that one!)