Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Naughty Toes by Ann Bonwill and Teresa Murfin (Oxford University Press)

Charlotte has just started ballet lessons at school, but she's at the age when children absolutely will not tell you what they do at school - even under the harsh light of parental interrogation. So we have absolutely no idea how she's getting on!

She does love this book though, Naughty Toes. The story of two sisters who have completely polar opposite approaches to dance lessons. Belinda is almost a prima ballerina. She twirls, she goes en-pointe (is that the right terminology?), she is the star of every ballet lesson. Her sister Trixie, however, is a bit of a maverick dancer and chooses to interpret each lesson in her own inimitable style.

When Belinda becomes the star of the school ballet show with Trixie propping up the background as a piece of scenery, things take a turn for the worse but with a little sisterly love and some understanding lessons in other dance styles, Trixie soon finds her feet.

Dance-obsessed girls and boys will love Ann Bonwill's lovely little tale and Teresa Murfin's great illustrative style. Absolutely lovely. Now if you'll excuse us, we fancy a little pas-de-deux.

Charlotte's best bit: Trixie's final costume and Belinda's beautiful stunning ballet dress (it's all about the ballet dresses for Charlotte!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Great characters drawn beautifully by Teresa Murfin. Real unique style, that!