Wednesday 24 October 2012

Father Christmas Goes On Holiday by Raymond Briggs (Picture Puffin)

"Ou vas tu passe les vacances, Pere Noel?" - Alright that's the extent of my French language skills but where on earth does Father Christmas go on his summer holidays?

Raymond Briggs' bloomin' grumpy take on Father Christmas is back and this time he's planning to get away from it all, soak up some sun and some fine food and take some much needed R & R.

Only, when you're a slightly portly chap with a beard, it's a little difficult to blend in. Father Christmas tries his best, dressing like the locals and indulging in local customs and cuisine but sometimes the best holidays can be had at home sweet home.

I think Charlotte, Mummy and I actually loved this book more than Father Christmas. Fun, festive and full of those in-jokes that go completely over kids' heads, but adults laugh out loud at. Raymond Briggs is deservedly a legend in children's picture books.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Father Christmas toasting himself to a crisp on the beach.

Daddy's favourite bit: The harrowing and surreal 'Cream' dream. EEEK!