Wednesday, 24 October 2012

TOCA BOCA sale now on - Time to hoover up the best kid apps on the iPad

We love TOCA BOCA here at ReadItDaddy, and it's almost unbelievable to think that you can now grab the entire existing range of TOCA BOCA apps for the ridiculously reasonable price of 69p each (or 99 Cents if you're stateside). Even the very-recently-released TOCA Band is reduced but here's the full list with some helpful links and a wee description of each (Note - Links provided are for the iPad versions but you can get iPhone flavours for the same very reasonable price! Go team!)

  • TOCA Monsters Kitchen (Free)  - Well this one's not in the sale obviously but this was the first TOCA app we played and absolutely fell in love with it. Monsters, a fridge full of food and lots of ways to prepare it. What does your monster like best? Broccoli and lemons? Om Nom!
  • TOCA Hair Salon Christmas (Free) - It's festive, it's fun and it's frizzy! Test out a trial version of TOCA Hair Salon with everyone's favourite yuletide dude and a happy Christmas Tree. Cut hair, grow hair (I wish!), dry hair with a hair dryer and colour hair. Awesome!
  • TOCA Hair Salon (69p) - More hairy antics this time with the full version of the free trial. More tools, more hair decorations and a lovely selection of crazy characters to play with. Get snipping!
  • TOCA Robot Lab (69p) - Get Robot, Build Robot, Fly Robot! Put together robot parts in your lab for the ultimate robotic buddy. 
  • TOCA Kitchen (69p) - The full version of the Kitchen / Food app. More characters, more food and more fun ways to dish up a tasty treat, TOCA style!
  • TOCA Train (69p) - Tootle around your very own island on a cute little train. Pick up passengers and cargo and drive through beautiful scenery but don't go too fast!
  • TOCA House (69p) - It's like a mini, cute version of the Big Brother house without the wannabe celebrities, the catfights, the rude bits, or in fact any of the other Big Brother bits. Alright, it's better than that - you get to share a house with crazy TOCA characters who all like doing different things to help out. Hang out the washing, hoover the carpets, sort the mail and mow the lawn. Far better than doing any of this for real. 
  • TOCA Store (69p) - Run your own little shop by laying out your goods, then encouraging customers to come in to spend their hard earned cash on lovely TOCA merchandise. Oh and robots, and lollies don't forget the lollies. 
  • TOCA Doctor Full Version (69p) - also in the sale! For 69p! Heal your patients, fix their broken limbs and give them plenty of TLC TOCA Doctor stylee!
  • Paint My Wings (69p) - A lovely interactive creative app that lets children decorate beautiful butterflies. Great fun for younger iPadders. 
  • TOCA Tea Party (69p) - Oh my goodness, the TOCA fun never seems to end. Host tea parties for you and your furry friends at home (yes I'm talking about Dad) - All sorts of tasty and tempting treats are available for you to play with. Save a coconut macaroon for me!
  • TOCA Band (69p) - Only just released and it's already on sale. You lucky lucky people! Make your own sounds and tunes with some of TOCA's wildest character creations yet!
Wow, heck of a collection. Opportunities like this don't come along every often in the App world so if you fancy spending a little over £7 for a collection par excellence that will keep your children amused for hour after hour, then get clicking those links!