Tuesday 9 October 2012

"Fuzzy Christmas" by Kate Thomson and Barry Green (Top That! Publishing)

One of the first books Charlotte made an instant bee-line for in the wonderful Top That early christmas parcel we received was "Fuzzy Christmas", a great activity book with lots of 'Fuzzy Felt' shapes to arrange in tactile christmas scenes. A nice durable book, Charlotte had a lot of fun sorting out the shapes, matching them to the stories and text, and then making up her own scenes and stories.

Stimulated play like this is a great way for children to learn different words and have fun while they're doing it, and it's also great for shape recognition and matching.

We've previously had one of the other 'Fuzzy' titles, 'Fuzzy Farm' and it was also quite a useful thing to take on car journeys, where the pieces stay put on the backgrounds (though you have to be careful to make sure they don't end up lost in the car too!)

Nicely illustrated with lots of bold colours and designs, Fuzzy Christmas retails for £4.49 direct from the Top That website. 

Charlotte's best bit: Making up her own stories and narrating them with the great selection of colourful play pieces and scenes

Daddy's favourite bit: A nice hard-back durable book that should stand up to plenty of chewing!