Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas comes early courtesy of Top That! Publishing

Oooh! What's inside?
The wonderful Top That! Publishing, Suffolk-based publishers behind the excellent 'Froobles' series of apps and books (and soon, a whole lot more) were lovely enough to send Charlotte an early christmas present last week.

A very tired and rained-on little girl was cheered up immensely by the sight of Froobles wrapping paper holding lots of lovely things.

So what was inside the parcel?

Very well wrapped!
Like all children on Christmas Morning, Charlotte made short work of the parcel (I did manage to save some of the wrapping paper though, for a bit of Froobles-flavoured crafting later on). Can you bear the anticipation? Early christmas presents are, after all, the very best type!

YAY! We're in!
Inside were three of Top That! Publishing's latest books and we'll be reviewing them separately. The titles were:

"When I Dream of Christmas" by Oakley Graham, Alexia Orkania and Henry Fisher.

"Fuzzy Christmas" by Kate Thomson and Barry Green.

"Froobles Fun Things to Make and Do" by Ella Davies.

...as well as some chocolate coins and eggs, which disappeared quicker than you can say "What happened to those chocolate eggs and coins, Charlotte?"

Massive thanks to Top That! Publishing for a lovely early surprise and three really superb books that would be excellent additions to any child's christmas list! Reviews coming up shortly...stay tuned!

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