Monday, October 8, 2012

MonkeyFarts by David Borgenicht (Quirk Books)

Quirk Books kindly sent us a fun and hilarious joke book to review and it's definitely reminded us that
one of the best things about having a 4 and a half year old daughter is that they never think your jokes are too terrible or too cheesy.

This means you can get away with wheeling out old classics like "Why do elephants paint their toenails yellow? So they can hide upside down in custard!" or even "What's brown and sticky? A stick!"

David Borgenicht obviously recognises this fact, as his book "MonkeyFarts" gathers together some real rip-snorters in a handy collection that provides hours of absolutely (brilliantly) terrible joke-telling that's sure to tickle a few ribs.

Pick a subject dear to the hearts of children (poo, farts, pirates, monsters, elephants) and you can pretty much guarantee there's a joke about it in this book. The titular joke (What's invisible and smells of bananas? Monkey Farts!) is the very tip of the iceberg of a collection of hilarity that stays on just the right end of the 'rudeness' scale (therefore, causes more snorts, giggles, howls of laughter than most other joke collections we've seen).

As a jumping off point for our memories of terrible jokes told at school, at scouts (and guides - yes, my wife The Strolling Mum thought this book was brilliant too!) or even at work, it's proved to be a lot of fun. Chock full of illustrations to accompany the giggles and riddles, it's perfect entertainment to pack in a school bag for breaktimes, or even for car journeys (so long as you can stand the steady stream of quick-fire punnery!)

Charlotte's best joke: "Why did Tigger stick his head in the toilet? He was looking for Pooh!"

Daddy's favourite joke: "How did the lion like to eat his steak?" ROOOOOAAAARRRRR!"

Mummy's favourite joke: "What's brown and sticky? A stick!"

(Thanks to Mat Archer at PGUK for the review copy)

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Bookaholic Mum said...

My eldest daughter is almost 4 and just starting to discover jokes and this could be just the book to improve her repertoire!