Friday, November 2, 2012

Bertie was a Watchdog by Rick Walton and Arthur Robins (Walker Books)

We rather like Bertie. He's small, he's got a bit of a pathetic bark, but he is definitely a watchdog nonetheless.

So when a big, bullying burglar breaks into the house that Bertie is looking after, a battle of wills begins.

What can Bertie do to thwart the rather nasty, rude and obnoxious burglar?

You'll see as you read this nice little moral tale that shows you don't have to be physically strong, or loud, or a big fat-headed bully to get on in the world (oh my, if only a few famous people had this book read to them when they were children!)

To find out if Bertie wins the day you will, of course, have to read the book. Quite a few books deal with the subject of bullying in various ways and though this is quite subtle and non-threatening, it's very satisfying to read and definitely does sink in with your little ones - probably because Bertie, bless him, is such a sweet character.

Charlotte's best bit: Amazingly, she liked the voices I did for this one when reading it to her. I seem to do quite a convincing burglar impression. Eep!

Daddy's favourite bit: Great illustrations, not too fussy or complicated and really all you need to underpin such a clever little tale of standing up to big loud bullies.

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