Friday, 2 November 2012

ABC Pocket Phonics (App Review) by Apps in my Pocket Ltd (Lite version available / £1.99 for full version)

One of the toughest things about using the iPad and letting Charlotte loose on it is to get her interested in the 'learning' apps as well as playing the games and dress-up things that seem to infest the app store.

We've tried several learning apps, and they usually have a few failings. Sometimes it's very tough to find vocabulary / phonics apps that 1) feature UK versions of words and 2) Have a UK-centric pronunciation of certain words.

What's even tougher is finding phonics apps that do "ah, buh, cuh" rather than "Ay, Bee, Cee".

Thankfully, ABC Pocket Phonics ticks all the right boxes, and breaks down finger tracing / letter drawing exercises with bold and colourful exercise areas, and fun characters and graphics to compliment the phonics and learning stuff.

We've been using the feature-packed 'lite' version for a while for free but thought the app was easily good enough to warrant paying the £1.99 for the full version. As Charlotte is regularly doing letter tracing exercises at school that follow the same format as these, it's a great way of learning and a good parallel to the stuff she's familiar with.

Charlotte's best bit: Word identification and word exercises

Daddy's favourite bit: English accents / pronunciation and phonics that follows the national curriculum phonics progress quite closely.

Links to the iPad versions: 

ABC Pocket Phonics (Lite - Free)
ABC Pocket Phonics (Full Version, £1.99)

Links to the iPhone versions: 

ABC Pocket Phonics (Lite - Free)
ABC Pocket Phonics (Full Version, £1.49)