Thursday, November 29, 2012

Harry and the Dinosaurs make a Christmas Wish by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds (Puffin Children's Books)

Charlotte's been a fan of "Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs" since preschool, I think she secretly liked the books because two boys she really liked at preschool were completely obsessed with Harry and his adventures.

In "Harry and the Dinosaurs Make a Christmas Wish" we find out what happens just before christmas when Harry gets to play with baby ducklings (awwww) and the dinosaurs are so impressed with how cute they are, they wish as hard as they can that Santa will bring them one of their very own ("do dinosaurs have their own Santa, or do they share ours?" asked Charlotte! Good question!)

As the days slowly tick by towards christmas, the dinosaurs get an egg to look after. But what's inside?

You'll have to read the book and find out, of course. It's so easy to see why Ian Whybrow's "Harry and the Dinosaurs" books are so immensely popular with both boys and girls. Great characters, engaging artwork (and some lovely little cameos / in-jokes while harry is shopping for christmas presents) and every child gets to pick their favourite dinosaur. Perfecto!

Charlotte's best bit: She absolutely loves one particular dinosaur (and it's always the one she draws when she draws dinosaurs, quite frequently) but I can't tell you which one otherwise it might spoil the book :)

Daddy's favourite bit: Bit of 4th wall breaking stuff as Harry is shopping for presents and completely misses the fact that there's "Harry and the Dinosaurs" merchandise on the shelves in the shop :)


Catherine said...

We love Harry and the Dinosaurs too! I didn't realise there was a Christmas one. Thank you for the review, I want to know what is in the egg now!

ReadItDaddy said...

Hehe, we try not to spoil books too much (which can be quite hard when you're reviewing 'em) but it's definitely one of the better Harry and the Dinosaurs books and absolutely perfect for the time of year :) Yikes, 27 sleeps to christmas (or is it 26?!)

Catherine said...

I know! I recommend books on my blog too and it is sometimes difficult not to give too much away but I don't like to spoil surprises either! It's great fun to whet the reader's appetite and leave them wanting to buy the book.

Christmas has definitely crept up on us this year, there are definitely too few sleeps to go. Hurray for online shopping!!!