Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Biggest Thing in the World by Kenneth Steven and Melanie Mitchell (Lion Hudson Publishing)

If I asked Charlotte what her favourite animal was, she'd immediately say "Polar Bear". This is despite watching them recently scoffing seals and generally being very uncuddly on wildlife programmes! Thankfully the beautiful cuddly bears in "The Biggest Thing in the World" are just the sort that Charlotte would love to snuggle up to.

After sleeping for exactly 97 and a half days, an inquisitive little polar bear cub wakes up to the crispness of winter and the big wide world.

Parents will identify with little snow bear's constant questions, and soon he gets onto the subject of the biggest thing in the world.

Is it the sea? Is it the mountains? Is it that rather portly walrus over there?

Mum knows best (as mums always do) and in this delightful little tale you'll find out too.

Such a beautifully illustrated and snuggly book absolutely perfect for wintry bedtime reading and that anticipation that as the temperatures drop, we might get some snow (c'mon, bring it on!)

Charlotte's best bit: Little Snow Bear - "He's so cute, I want to cuddle him!"

Daddy's favourite bit: Such an atmospheric and truly lovely story with beautiful furry bear illustrations and a crisp white world to explore. Sublime!

(Kindly sent to us by the wonderful Harriet (and Polly and Leo, of course!) at Lion Hudson)