Thursday, 8 November 2012

Marshall Armstrong is new to our school by David Mackintosh (HarperCollins Children's Books)

Starting school can be quite daunting. We've just been through the process with Charlotte and she absolutely loves it, but what happens when you're a child that joins part-way through the term when all the other children know each other and have fun together?

In "Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School" we see the situation from the other side of the fence. A mysterious new boy arrives in class and is put at the front of the classroom next to someone who instantly makes up their mind that "Marshall. Just. Doesn't. Fit. In!"

Marshall has spotty arms. Marshall owns an impressive arsenal of classroom supplies. Marshall eats space food at lunch.

So when Marshall Armstrong invites the entire class to his house for his birthday, everyone secretly dreads it.

Find out what happens next in this quirky and rather brilliantly designed book that is full of cool retro-style artwork, and some knowing nods to any children (and parents) who always wonder what it's going to be like when the slightly odd kid in class invites everyone round to tea.

We loved the design of the characters in this. Marshall himself looks like a miniature version of Elton John in the 80s (and he plays a piano that he made himself, along with his dad). He's a geek, he's extremely clever and wholly original - as is this book.

Charlotte's best bit: Marshall Armstrong's amazing house (complete with fireman's pole from the top floor to the bottom - we really want one of those!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Marshall's space food and detailed dietary descriptions! Delicious!