Thursday, November 8, 2012

Springboard Stories Issue 2 - Snow and "A Christmas Wish" by Clare Bevan, and Simon & James Walmesley (Springboard Stories)

Last year, the light icing-sugar dusting of snow we got down here in the wilds of Oxfordshire wasn't quite enough to run a sledge over. We love snow, and the crisp crunch of it underfoot so we loved Springboard Stories issue 2 - devoted to the lovely stuff!

Springboard Stories have collected together a seemingly impossible gigantic wealth of content to cram into their second issue and if you're getting in the mood for christmas (46 sleeps to go, peeps) then you'll absolutely love diving in and looking at the activities, book news and features.

There is also an absolutely fantastic centre spread poster of a snowy scene to stick on the wall (we love it, but we love the mag so much we don't really want to destroy it so we're trying to think of clever ways of extracting that scene without ruining the magazine too much!)

Best of all, there's a fantastic children's story book that arrives with Issue 2 - The Christmas Wish by Clare Bevan, Illustrated by Simon and James Walmesley and we're going to dive in for a closer look.

One snowy night a young boy makes his christmas wish, to see enough snow to build a Snow Dragon! No small request this, but the boy's letter goes astray and ends up taking its own magical journey through the world - aided by various feathered friends who fly from one mythical character to another to try and solve the mystery of what the letter is about.

The atmospheric story is beautifully told and superbly illustrated by the Walmesley brothers (who you'll remember came up with the brilliant Platypus characters for Springboard Stories issue 1 - which you can still also order from the Springboard Stories Website).

As the temperature drops and those winter nights draw in, whether you're a teacher, a parent or just someone looking for some of the best possible resources and story info from an extremely talented collective of teachers, artists, designers and writers, you really should drop by Springboard Stories and take a closer look at what they're up to. You definitely won't be disappointed!

Charlotte's best bit of the magazine: That wonderful snowscene spread and the brilliant 'makes'
Charlotte's best bit of the book: She loved the fact that the wizened old wizard had socks and a scarf that matched the 'Springboard' Platypus's wonderful coat of many colours!

Daddy's favourite bit of the magazine: A very interesting and thought-provoking article on adventuring and polar exploration. Really fascinating discussion and topics and a brilliant article
Daddy's favourite bit of "The Christmas Wish": That utterly fantastic island made of crystalline howling wolf heads. Heck of an image, that! Love it!


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(Kindly supplied to us for review by the lovely folk at Springboard Stories)

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