Monday, November 12, 2012

My Secret Scrapbook Diary - Cinderella by Kees Moerbeek (Child's Play International Ltd)

We're always on the lookout for authors and illustrators who think up new and exciting ways to reinvent classic fairy tales. So we were pleased as punch when Child's Play sent us one of their new range of "Secret Scrapbook Diaries" - with one of Charlotte's favourite fairy tale characters - Cinderella - as the subject.

For quite a while now (well, since watching the fantastic Pixar film "Up"), Charlotte has kept her own secret scrapbook called "The Adventure Book"...

It's nothing special, just a hard-back lined book decorated with various bits and bobs we found in our crafting kit. The main aim of starting it was to give Charlotte somewhere to keep all the things she collects from various days out, or postcards from relatives who visit far-flung places. Or just a place to stick all sorts of stickers, notes and maybe do a few cool drawings.

"My Secret Scrapbook Diary" works in a similar way, and Child's Play does a range for other classic fairy tale characters like Red Riding Hood and Jack & the Beanstalk.

The books are laid out like a miniature scrapbook and in this case, all the bits and bobs Cinderella gathers together to tell her tale. Photos of her (late) father and mother, cool stickers, tickets to the ball and even a rather amusing postcard or two.

Charlotte loved this idea, and Kees Moerbeek's Cinderella might have a fairly sad life to begin with but soon shows she's made of strong stuff, and with a little help from her Fairy Godmother, she's soon well on her way to wowing everyone at the ball.

As an activity idea, making an "Adventure Book" or even making your own "Secret Scrapbook Diary" costs very little, and most children will probably be able to think of and find a whole ton of things to stick down into the book.

Like Cinderella's secret scrapbook diary, Charlotte will hopefully look back through her book and remember all the fun times we've packed into what has felt like a whirlwind four and a bit years, and with our memories like a pair of sieves, it's a great thing for The Strolling Mum and me to take a look through from time to time along with all the photos we've taken.

Charlotte's best bit: Cinderella's postcard to her stepmother and sisters.

Daddy's favourite bit: Rather admired the end of the book which bucks the usual 'Cinderella / Princess' marrying off thing quite nicely.

(Kindly supplied to us for review by Child's Play Ltd)

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