Monday, November 12, 2012

Vile - A Cautionary Tale for Little Monsters by Mark Robinson and Sarah Horne (Lion Children's Books)

The lovely folk at Lion Children's Books sent us a copy of a monstrously fun book, accompanied by a rather sweet postcard (so now we know what their editorial staff look like! Aha!)

Vile is indeed a cautionary tale for little monsters who toddle off to one of two monster schools. One school is full of prim, proper and very polite little monsters - but we don't want to read about them do we? No of course we don't - we want to read all about "the other place" where monsters create absolute chaos in class, where they chew their food and talk at the same time, and where chemistry lessons usually mean something (or someone) is going to end up blown to smithereens.

Two pupils at "the naughty place" discover that it's not all fun and games when your school is vile. Sometimes there's still room for a few other life necessities. Like friends.

This book is brilliant fun, and we absolutely love anything that features inventive monster characters, completely crazy and chaotic situations and of course those knowing winks to parents who know exactly who the real 'little monsters' are. Laugh out loud text punctuated by slimy slithery monstrously enjoyable illustrations. Superb!

My little monster loved this to pieces, and I know yours will too!

Charlotte's best bit: Vile dinners at Vile School!

Daddy's favourite bit: Wondering if there's a thesis or paper in studying the parallels in child / monster behaviour.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Lion Children's Books)

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