Thursday, 13 December 2012

Alphasaurs and other Prehistoric Types by Sharon Werner and Sarah Nelson Forss (Blue Apple Books)

Charlotte LOVES a good dinosaur book, and this is a very good dinosaur book but with a twist. It's also a very good alphabet learning book where each gigantic and ferocious dinosaur is beautifully illustrated using the letter it begins with, concrete poetry style.

Packed to the gills with facts and figures about dinosaurs, it's also a very good reference book for children who are just beginning to learn about our prehistoric chums and all the different species discovered in fossil records (though if you believe the press at the moment, books like this need rewriting on a daily basis as we slowly discover that quite a few Victorian palaeontologists were completely bonkers and prone to making things up rather than basing their research on fact - yikes!)

Nevertheless dinosaurs are an intriguing subject, and this book is a unique and novel way of bringing together superb graphic design and early learning in one brilliant package.

Just in case anyone's tuning in from big toy manufacturers. Girls like dinosaurs too, so please stop targetting your dino-based toy ranges at boys exclusively. Thanks.

Charlotte's best bit: She still thinks that the Pterosaurs (the flying dinosaurs) are the very best. Lots in here to love.

Daddy's favourite bit: The Allosaurus and his A-teeth! Ace!

(Kindly supplied to us for review by Mat Archer / Blue Apple Books)