Thursday, 13 December 2012

Spotlight on YoYome - a fantastic range of children's activity products and other goodies

My lovely other half The Strolling Mum alerted me to a rather cool little company who produce an innovative and colourful range of children's activity products. YoYo me caught our eye thanks to their learning and activity sheets / doodle pads but a quick dip into their fantastic website shows that there's a lot more to YoYo me.

Aimee and Lou (Louise) were once two little girls very much like Charlotte, who loved to draw and create things, loved getting crafty and loved great TV like Rolf Harris' Cartoon Club (YAY!) and Tony Hart's brilliant children's programmes (how could we not love them to bits, just for this alone!)

Passing on a desire to doodle to their children and other children too is the ethos of YoYo Me and it shows - they have a brilliant range of products to really spur a child's imagination.

Though there are gender-specific products here, normal gender roles are nicely mixed (something we'd really like to see more of) so it's worth checking out their 'personalised' section to find products that are specifically suited to your own children.

Take a look at the website, and get in touch with Aimee and Lou for any enquiries via the site's contacts page.