Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Give a book for christmas, stuff a stocking with something brilliant!

There's a quiet murmuring going on over on Twitter at the moment, championed by authors, artists, parents and bloggers. With the current 'in thing' being 'slow toys' we are fully behind the campaign to also include at least one book in your children's christmas haul this year.

Sally Poyton started the snowball rolling so check out her blog!

Using the hashtag #Dear_Santa_Book_in_every_stocking you can get behind the campaign to big up your favourite books. Not just christmas ones, anything that would keep a child enthralled when the daft plastic bleepy toys have long since outstayed their welcome.

Hop on over to Elli's brilliant blog for a poem on the subject, or scour some of the best children's picture book blogs in the business to see what they're up to and recommend for some cool christmassy reading. Here's a small selection of our favourite places to look for inspiration on:

Child-Led Chaos

Library Mice

Playing By The Book

The BookSniffer

And of course you can also visit brilliant indie stores and great publishers like:

Beachy Books

Letterbox Library

Mostly Books

Child's Play

Lion Hudson

Springboard Stories (how could we forget!!)

Got a recommendation? Drop a comment below, g'wan!


ReadItDaddy said...

We'll definitely be grabbing this as one of our own choices. Probably one of the best versions of the classic "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale we've seen :

Oddly, in Mostly Books t'other day, Charlotte also clamoured loudly about a copy of Dear Zoo and I could've sworn we had one!

Anonymous said...

My little girl loves foggy foggy forest, its fab!

ReadItDaddy said...

We loved it too! I think we gave it 4/5 back when we used to rate books:

Sally said...

Fab - great for getting on board! It's so important that children have every opportunity to feel empowered to read - and a book in the stocking is a great way for them to feel it's magical. I believe that every child loves reading,its just that some haven't found the right books yet! Lets hope that Santa with a bit of help form blogs like this one, or suggestions from writer and readers can find the right book for every child!