Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mr Christmas by Roger Hargreaves (Egmont Books)

I can remember very clearly the very first Mr Men book I ever had. It was Mr Snow (another festive Mr Men treat!) and it's so good to see that the Mr Men books are still as wildly popular as ever with children.

You can get both Mr and Little Miss Christmas books, but we managed to snaffle a much sought-after copy of Mr Christmas from our excellent local library.

When the festive triangular Mister gets a frantic phone call from his Uncle (you know the fellah, wears a red suit, very jolly, says "ho ho ho" a lot), he pitches in to help out on Christmas Eve. Soon Mr Christmas finds out just how much work is involved in making sure each and every child gets their presents on time, reindeers are fed, mince pies are munched and Santa's sled is kept in tip top condition.

Mr Men books are absolutely perfect stocking fillers (I love the fact they still do those dinky sized books and now Roger Hargreaves' son, Christopher,  has taken over drawing and writing duties along with his dad there are even more books - and a TV show - than ever before!)

(For older 'kids' I bet you can still remember Arthur Lowe's dulcet tones reading out some of the original books way back in the 70s when they first hit TV, can't you! If not, here's a little reminder below!)

Charlotte's best bit: Mr Christmas and his sparkly decorations!

Daddy's favourite bit: The fact that the Mr Men and Little Miss books are still as popular as ever, and better still - are still great little stories the perfect length for bedtime reading.


childtasticbooks said...

We've got Mr Christmas, and it's a hoot. I love the Mr Men and Little Miss books - they're full of gentle but great humour. And yes, I do remember Arthur Lowe! We have a DVD here for our daughter to watch with him narrating!

ReadItDaddy said...

They are great, I'm so glad to see that they've stayed really good despite being commercialised fairly heavily (I don't really rate the new show, but kids absolutely love it!)

Ahhh Arthur Lowe, he was the perfect narrator for the stories. Nice gentle voice and very funny. We seem to have quite a stack of the Mr Men pocket-sized books at home and they're not only great stocking fillers, they're brilliant if we go away and don't want to take a metric ton of bigger books with us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting too :)