Thursday, 6 December 2012

"The Land of Me" - Brilliant storytelling adventure app comes to the iPad

Children love reading stories, but they also love creating their own - and we've already seen how brilliant indie developers Made in Me have produced a rather fantastic storytelling app that lets children do just that with their favourite story books. 

Now Made in Me has made their story creation app "The Land of Me" available on the iPad, giving children even more amazing tools, assets and story components to juggle and play with while they put together their own astounding stories. 

"The Land of Me" has been wowing teachers, parents and educational consultants alike for quite some time on desktop machines but putting that onto something portable that children can huddle around and share is a fantastic move. 

"The Land of Me - Story Time" has already won App Magazine's coveted 'Best App for Kids' award for 2012 and with new chapters now available, you can have three times the storytelling fun. 

Here are some links:

The Land of Me - Songs and Rhymes (on iTunes)

If your children love making up stories, dive into "The Land of Me" and let their imaginations fly!

More details over at Made in Me's website