Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman and Gavin Scott (Little Tiger Press)

Every child has a favourite teddy or soft toy to cuddle up to. Charlotte is currently juggling about 6 or 7 (main favourite seems to be Minnie Mouse though!) but imagine if you could count on a cuddly fur-covered superhero to leap to your aid every time you felt a bit down and in dire need of a hug.

Step forward Cuddle Bear. He doesn't wear a cape, he doesn't wear his pants outside his tights, but he's a superhero nonetheless, leaping to the aid of his animal friends every time they feel a bit blue. See poor Panda? She's fallen over but Cuddle Bear is there in seconds, giving her a cheer-me-up squeeze. Poor Lion is constantly grumpy but no one knows why until Cuddle Bear leaps in and gives the old grumpus a loving hug, and soon he's as happy as can be.

With great rhyming text from Claire Freedman and lovely (and very cuddly) illustrations from Gavin Scott, this book is guaranteed to be a firm favourite with younger children and was certainly a hit with Charlotte who thought Cuddle Bear looked so cuddly, fluffy and warm.

Charlotte's best bit: When rabbit leaped on Cuddle Bear for a big hug

Daddy's favourite bit: A feel-good cuddlesome book, and a great book to squeeze in before that last cuddle at bedtime.

(Kindly supplied to us for review by the awesome folk at Little Tiger Press)

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