Monday, December 3, 2012

Time for Tea, Polly Wally by Kali Stileman (Red Fox Picture Books)

With a quick wave of Kali Stileman's magic wand, Peely Wally is now Polly Wally (which is much much better in our opinion) and it's time for tea! We originally received "Peely Wally" as part of an excellent Booktrust Bookstart package, and we loved the fact that Kali Stileman's artwork was very like Eric Carle's - an explosion of colour and great kid-friendly images to compliment the story of a young fledgeling bird.

This time around, Polly Wally is ravenously hungry and calls on all her friends to find out what's cooking for dinner.

Hay you say? No way! No good for little birds. A crunchy carrot perhaps? No thanks! What Polly Wally wants is good filling grub (quite literally) for birds.

Now here's a thing. When we originally reviewed Peely Wally I remember thinking that Charlotte wasn't that taken by the book, possibly because it's targetted at children slightly younger than her. This time round though she loved Polly Wally and I think I know why. So to all budding children's authors and artists out there, never ever underestimate the 'gross-out' factor when it comes to Children's books because it'll work every time. You'll see what we mean when you read how this book ends (with a fantabuloso flap-lifting finale, hooray!)

Charlotte's best bit: Well there's not really much more to say that won't spoil the book but she definitely got a kick (and a wriggle) out of Polly Wally's preferred diet.

Daddy's favourite bit: So lovely to see another Peely/Polly Wally book and Kali Stileman's brilliant toddler-friendly style is also perfect for early readers.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Red Fox Picture Books)

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