Monday, December 3, 2012

Make toys just like Santa's little helpers in "Wombi Toys", a new iPad app

Hey, we think it's a bit unfair that "The Big Man" gets all the credit at christmas, while his hard working etch-a-sketch building elves often get overlooked. Here's your chance to help out with a bit of festive toymaking in Wombi Toys, a new app for iOS. 

Parents and Children familiar with the 'Toca Boca' Range will absolutely love Wombi Toys. The app is now available on iTunes here: 

If you fancy a more festive (and free) version to try out first, here's a link to the 'lite' Christmas version: 

More information on the Wombi range can be found on their website here

Happy toymaking! Here's a trailer to the game: 

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