Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mike the Knight and the Real Sword (Simon and Schuster Children's Books / HIT)

He's fearless, he's four foot tall, he's Mike the Knight and the second of our TV Tie-In reviews today. Charlotte was ridiculously excited about this when it turned up for review and dived straight into it with @thestrollingmum.

In this adventure, Mike is about to pose for a royal portrait. But how can a knight (even a mini-one!) pose with nothing but a fishing rod in his scabbard?

Mike sets out with his spellcasting sister Evie for an adventure, to try and find a real sword - but gets distracted when the palace's two dogs run off and get lost in the dark woods.

Stranded in the middle of a mud patch, it's up to Mike (with a little help from Evie) to rescue the dogs before they end up enjoying a muddy bath.

Charlotte and her mum really enjoyed practicing their 'Knightly poses' (I think Mummy's recent habit of watching 'Merlin' probably helped a lot with this, but thankfully we don't see Mike the Knight getting his top off every five seconds!)

A great little TV tie in, and if your mini ones are avid Mike the Knight fans, they'll love this to bits! One thing we did find though, at times the text is pretty poorly laid out and can be difficult to follow as it seems to lack a bit of 'flow' - also, dark text on a dark background is a very bad idea for bedtime reading when the lights are low and you're trying to relax your little ones before snuggling down to bed.

Charlotte's best bit: Practicing Knightly Poses with mummy

Daddy's favourite bit: Mike's fishing rod sword, how cool is that!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

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