Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Can't Scare a Princess by Gillian Rogerson and Sarah McIntyre (Scholastic Children's Books)

How is it even possible that we've somehow managed to miss reviewing anything by two of our favourite folk on Twitter? Gillian Rogerson (get well soon, hope the flu is better!) and Sarah McIntyre are both fantastic and brilliant so it's with the greatest pleasure that we found "You Can't Scare a Princess" in our local library stacks.

Combining two of Charlotte's most favourite things in the whole world (Princesses and Pirates) and one or two of mine (Pot Noodles and Sushi Soy Sauce), "You Can't Scare a Princess" finds out what happens when the diminutive and delightful Princess Spaghetti (such fabulous hair!) and her roller-skating dad King Cupcake set out on their skates one day - only to be kidnapped by a bunch of treasure-grabbing pirates.

The captain is a mean moustachioed cove who will stop at nothing to discovere where the palace treasure is hidden. Luckily the plucky Princess Spaghetti has her wits about her and is absolutely not scared of a haphazard bunch of pirates.

A bouncy and brilliant story full of fun, coupled with Sarah's utterly sublime artwork is a winning combination. The sequel to "You Can't Eat a Princess", it's a fantastic book and we'll be looking out for more from Gillian and Sarah from now on!

Charlotte's best bit: Having hair exactly like Princess Spaghetti's most of the time.

Daddy's favourite bit: Crazy and brilliant drawings throughout (including a McIntyre Cameo in the shape of one of the pirates - that Sarah used for her Twitter avatar for most of last year)

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