Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Eggstras - "Duck says Don't" by Alison Ritchie and Hannah George (Little Tiger Press)

As part of our run-up to Easter we are looking at books that make a far far better present than chocolate (though mums might not agree with me here!).

Nevertheless, ducky antics are on the schedule in this fantastic book from Alison Ritchie and Hannah George, "Duck Says Don't!"

It's time for Goose to go on holiday and she decides to leave Duck in charge of the pond while she's away.

Duck turns into a power-crazed quacker and soon mysterious signs start appearing all over the pond as Duck flexes his dictatorial muscles and starts bossing all the other pond-dwellers around.

"No Fishing!" says Duck, much to the puzzlement of the others.

"No Splashing!" (but splashing is SO much fun!)

"No Racing!" says Duck, upsetting the applecart.

In fact before long, the pond is awash with signs and one rather mean and surly duck ensuring that peace and tranquility are the order of the day, not fun and laughter.

The other animals are fed up to the back teeth (beak) with Duck's horrible behaviour and soon look for somewhere else to play. Duck gets his wish, a nice quiet pond to float around in. But is a quiet Pond really that much fun?

This tale is beautifully constructed and most mums and dads who've ever dealt with an annoying jobsworth in their workplace, or a deputy manager who goes crackers when the Boss is away, will laugh out loud at Duck's antics as he strives to make sure everyone does as they're told.

I'll leave you to discover what happens later on in the book.

Fantastic stuff from Alison and Hannah. Don't quack up, get "Duck Says Don't!"

Charlotte's best bit: Duck's rather fetching little sailor hat and the beautiful butterflies in the book

Daddy's favourite bit: Duck reminds me of so many people at my place of work though rather than impressive painted signs they tend to use post-it notes!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)

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