Monday, March 18, 2013

Fancy something utterly brilliant to hang on your wall? How about Captain Claw's Submarine?

The Treasure of Captain Claw Cover
We've been utterly wowed by the work of Steve Cox over the last couple of days, and you can now grab yourself a slice of his fantastic artwork to stick on your wall.

If you hop through to Steve's Illustration Site on Big Cartel, you can get a massive and beautifully produced poster of the awesome Captain Claw's submarine from the book "The Treasure of Captain Claw" by Jonathan Emmett and Steve Cox.

Reasonably priced at £25 per print, and a whopping 75cm x 35cm, it's just the thing to adorn the wall of your own ocean-spanning sub, or your room if you've not got the sea-legs for undersea exploration.

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