Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Easter Eggstras - "Stop That Egg" by Helen Poole (Little Tiger Press)

Here's another review to steer you towards your local bookshop rather than your local confectioner when it comes to finding the perfect Easter present for your little ones.

How about this fantastic (and rather noisy) book from Helen Poole.

"Stop That Egg" is a great little book for younger readers, telling the tale of a bouncy and rather impatient little chick who gets so excited about chipping his way out of his eggshell that he bounces right out of the nest! EEK!

Mum is not impressed, and shouts "Stop that Egg!" and then it's a race to catch up with the little eggbound chick before he hatches.

Nice sturdy (chewable) board pages and a superb pay-off at the end, youngsters will love this. Parents - be warned that there is a very small battery tag on this book that will need to be removed before the book is used by little ones as it could be a choking hazard (will also completely ruin the surprise at the end but safety first! Remove the tag and dispose of it safely before use as per the book's instructions)

Charlotte's best bit: She loved the book's end (and drove us quietly mad with it!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Bold bright illustrations, and a great story to bounce along to. The end is brill too!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)