Monday, 25 March 2013

#ReaditMD13 - This week's theme "Children's Poetry"

C from Edward Lear's "The Letters of the Alphabet" (1880)
This week we're diving headlong into a fairly tricky subject. Children's Poetry is often (quite wrongly) overlooked because parents often assume that just because a book rhymes, it's poetry.

No no no no NO! A thousand times no! In fact you'll hear more on that later on from our first guest on the blog this week, the awesome Elli Woollard from "Taking Words for a Stroll"

We'll also be hearing from Colin West, author of several poetic tomes including our favourites, "The Big Book of Nonsense" one, two and three. 

Last but by no means least, Joshua Seigal will also be dropping in with a fantastic poem composed for World Poetry Day (which was on the 21st March 2013 - our timing is terrible for our theme week, I know!) with school visits planned for this week, it's always worth stopping by his web site to see what he's up to. 

The aim of this week's theme is to highlight children's poems, poets and the pure brilliance of verse written as poetry, not necessarily as an amusing rhyming story. 

On with the show. Share with us your favourite children's poems, old and new. We'd love to read them!