Friday 22 March 2013

The ReadItDaddy Interview - Emma Yarlett, Author and Illustrator of our Book of the Week this week - "Sidney, Stella and the Moon" (Templar Publishing)

Emma Yarlett and her debut children's book "Sidney, Stella and the Moon" (Templar)
It's a real treat to be able to interview lovely booky folk during the course of our weekly blogging antics, and this week we're extremely lucky to be able to welcome Emma Yarlett, Author and Illustrator of this week's Book of the Week "Sidney, Stella and the Moon".

With our best questioning expressions (no red crayon moustaches for us though, unfortunately) we managed to collar Emma during her busy launch schedule to pop a few quizzical musings to her.

ReadItDaddy (Daddy)

Hi Emma, congratulations on your first book for Templar "Sidney, Stella and the Moon" - Tell us a little bit about yourself and your first book!

Emma Yarlett 

Thank you! It's so exciting to be published and 'out there'.... although it is a little scary letting go of something so personal, this is my very very first authored and illustrated book and so is very close to my heart.

 I began it way back in 2010 when I was studying in my final year at Falmouth University College, and it has been on an incredible journey, slowly twisting, changing and adapting into the final book that you see today. I've changed a lot on the journey too- going from a Miss Bennett to a Mrs Yarlett, and making the big decision to stay permanently in the lovely warmer climates of Cornwall.

Children's picture books are very much at the heart of my illustration work, but I've worked on a whole host of other things too- from an animation to Waterstones, to greetings cards for Hallmark, to an educational play with the one and only Julia Donaldson! It's been a fantastic 2 years as a professional illustrator- and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

ReadItDaddy (Daddy)

We're always interested in how authors / artists organise (or disorganise!) their day. How does your typical day go?

Emma Yarlett

Well my day's usually start with a disgruntled waking up and a trudge through breakfast and a waltz into my studio...

But after that, every day looks so so different- sometimes I will be painting, sometimes I will be researching on my iMac, sometimes I will be chatting through ideas with friends and publishers, sometimes I will get away and go on a lovely walk to get my brain thinking in the fresh air and sometimes you might even find me in Starbucks surrounded by a sea of paper!

Today I am doing a teensy bit of admin, and then putting together a sample of my new book ready for my publishers... so today is an exciting day! I might even have a Jaffa Cake and Hot chocolate to celebrate.

ReadItDaddy (Daddy) 

Who are your favourite artists and authors (children's book author / artists or otherwise!)

Emma Yarlett

Ooo this changes all the time. At the moment I am absolutely amazed by Jonny Duddle's new book 'The King of Space.' (Yay us too :) It's so incredibly cinematic!

Other illustrators I am really liking are Owen Davey and David Roberts. I'm also enjoying the tough graphics of old Soviet Posters, the eclectic work of Kandinsky and the odd bit of Bauhaus.

ReadItDaddy (Daddy)

This is probably the toughest question of all, name 5 things you would take to a desert island / couldn't exist without

Emma Yarlett

Does Mr Yarlett count as a thing? Great! Mr Yarlett, a sketchbook with a never blunting pencil attached to it (technically one thing!), a jet ski, my iphone and a years supply of Jaffa Cakes. Yum!

ReadItDaddy (Charlotte)

What is the hardest thing to draw?

Emma Yarlett

Hello Charlotte! I find for me one of the most difficult things to draw is flowers.... I love drawing things with straight lines with strong structure, and flowers are so pretty and wild and delicate.... It just never quite goes to plan!

ReadItDaddy (Charlotte)

Who is your favourite Princess (Disney or otherwise!)

Emma Yarlett

My favourite Princess would have to be Princess Kate Middleton- she had the best wedding dress ever. But if I had to pick a Disney princess it would definitely be Cinderella.

Brilliant stuff! Thank you so much Emma for taking the time to answer some fairly tricky questions (that Disney Princess one gets 'em every time :) 

"Sidney, Stella and the Moon" is available from Templar Books in hardback right NOW! Go gettit!