Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dinosaur Farm by Frann Preston Gannon (Pavilion Children's Books)

You would not BELIEVE how much there is to do on Dinosaur Farm. In Fran Preston Gannon's rather nifty little book we get to share the day with Farmer Jack on his Dinosaur Farm, and learn about all the things that need to be done to help grow and nurture happy healthy dinosaurs.

Farmer Jack is a rather jolly soul (so beautifully painted and his expressions are fantastic) who sets about his duties with a smile on his face and an ever-present stalk of straw hanging from his bottom lip.

So what's first? Sorting out the Pterodactyl eggs? Mucking out the Brontosauruses? (ew, that's a big job, quite literally!)

Poor Farmer Jack is frazzled by the end of the day, but in this humorous tale we often find out that someone else's life might look a lot of fun, but is probably a heck of a lot of work!

Frann Preston Gannon's gentle storytelling style, interesting plots and fantastic artwork set this book a cut above the usual dino-based fare. It's very easy to see why Frann won a Sendak Fellowship and got to study with the great Maurice Sendak himself.

A fantastic book. If you share your home with a dino-obsessed youngster (like I do) then this is going to be an instant win!

Charlotte's best bit: Awww the triceratops are so cute (Her words not mine!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Such utterly fantastic illustration work and a superbly presented book. An absolute MUST for kids who love their dinos!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pavilion Books)


Playing by the book said...

We've enjoyed this too - and I love how (with the exception of the title) there is this disparity between the words and the pictures - you _could_ be on any farm, but you're not - and there's real humour in that.

ReadItDaddy said...

Yep agreed! I'd considered it as a book that talks about the important role (and hard work) of farms and farmers. The dinosaurs are (of course) a massive bonus and drew Charlotte in initially. A great book that works on so many levels and I just can't get enough of Frann's art style.