Friday, May 3, 2013

Ben H. Winters wins the 2013 "Best Paperback Original" Edgar for "The Last Policeman"

The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters. Pre-apocalyptic intrigue and Paperback Genius!
We're very pleased to announce that ReadItDaddy "Daddy" favourite "The Last Policeman" (Quirk Books) by Ben H. Winters won the 2013 Edgar Award for "Best Paperback Original" last night.

It's the latest in a huge number of awards and 'best book' choices for the novel, set six months before a climactic asteroid impact. The story of Hank Palace's dogged determination to carry on being a cop in the face of such a global catastrophe is addictive and compelling, and the second book in the trilogy "Countdown City" will be released very soon, also from Quirk Books.

Look out for our review of "The Last Policeman" and we'll have more Ben H. Winters info coming up on the blog soon.

Keep 'em peeled, Palace fans!