Friday, 3 May 2013

Felicity Fly Meets Veronica Vac by Christina Gabbitas and Julie Omond (Poems and Pictures Ltd)

Here's a sing-song book that blends fun rhymes and new word learning experiences, together with an insight into the 'creepy crawlies' and animals we share our living space with.

Meet Felicity Fly - the gossamer-winged character who is a friend to the spiders and bugs. One morning Felicity is woken up by a strange rumbling whirring noise and meets a new friend, Veronica Vac, who hoovers up the dust in Felicity's home.

Poor Wendy Woodlouse unwittingly ends up sucked up by Veronica Vac - and this is just the start of an adventure through the house, teaching young children that insects are interesting and not to be squished!

(Alright, we draw the line at wasps, they really are unlovable unless you, dear reader, can prove otherwise!)

With an accompanying narrative CD complete with Felicity's theme song, this is a charming little book by Christina and Julie. Charlotte wanted to know what a Silverfish was (she's interested in bugs and beetles and we have our own bug-investigation kit at home in case we find any interesting ones!) so the book was great for stimulating her interest and encouraging her to go and investigate further.

With a sing-song story, a brilliant selection of characters and lots of potential for exploration and fun, we've really enjoyed meeting Felicity and her friends and know you will too!

Charlotte's best bit: Simon the Spider's terrible predicament! EEK!

Daddy's favourite bit: From a reader's perspective, this is a great story to do as the CD narration suggests, try out different voices and read in a sing-song way.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Christina at Poems and Pictures Ltd)