Thursday, 23 May 2013

Eleanor's Eyebrows by Timothy Knapman and David Tazzyman (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

As anyone who has been the unfortunate recipient of a stag do 'prank' may tell you, eyebrows are extremely useful.

The young girl in this tale doesn't think so though. Eleanor thinks eyebrows are just useless bits of fluff that clutter up your face. After all, eyes are useful for seeing, mouths are great for tasting and eating, a nose can sniff out a lovely smell or a nasty niff and ears are good for hearing. But eyebrows? Why are they even there.

After Eleanor's extended rant, her eyebrows decide they know where they're not wanted, and wriggle off in search of more gainful employment.

Perhaps they can become performing 'caterpillars' or even the wheels on a fabulous motorbike?

Meanwhile Eleanor discovers that a face without eyebrows is a very odd face indeed. So in her desperation, and after a rather unfortunate incident with dear Grandma, Eleanor draws her own eyebrows with her felt tips and crayons (Ladies, I have a newly found respect for you if you pluck and draw on your own eyebrows. How on earth do you manage all that in a mirror?)

Poor Eleanor realises too late that eyebrows ARE useful and that she misses her own dearly. Is it too late to win them back? We'll let you find out when you read the book.

This is an extremely funny and whacky book that children will find an absolute giggle from start to finish (we just hope it doesn't give them any silly ideas about drawing on their own faces or borrowing mum's epilator to see off their own eye-fuzz - OWCH!)

Charlotte's best bit: Eleanor's Grandma being horrified at a no-eyebrow granddaughter.

Daddy's favourite bit: Brilliantly written and nice chaotic illustrations, a very original idea!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Simon and Schuster)