Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Night Far From Here by Julia Wauters (Flying Eye Books)

Once again, Flying Eye books reinforce their position as being the purveyors of the most delectable and beautiful books with this fabulous bestiary, entitled "One Night, Far From Here".

Rendered in subtle reduced palettes, Julia Wauter's book deliciously envelops the reader in a multi-layered magical journey through the world, looking at the flora and fauna found in various amazing locations.

It's more than just an animal book though. The beautifully written prose compliments the fabulous idea of using transparencies that are (hopefully delicately) turned over, to reveal the layers of wildlife hidden within the book's huge spreads.

Each illustration is packed full of detail as your child discovers (and hopefully names) each of the species in the book.

We particularly loved the size of this (our bookcase may not, but we do) - Huge spreads that are just begging to be explored. It's the next best thing, in book form, to bringing the whole wide beautiful world into the comfort of your own home. Utterly and completely enchanting, just like the rest of Flying Eye's increasingly impressive range of titles.

Charlotte's best bit: Spotting lots of butterflies and moths. If ever there was a girl born to be a Lepidopterist, it's her!

Daddy's favourite bit: A wholly beautiful and unique book. It's almost too beautiful to put away with the other books in a book case, it's begging to be left out in the lounge on show!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bounce / Flying Eye Books)

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