Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fast and Furious by Margaret Parrish (Ticktock Media)

With our second look at TickTock Media's fantastic new range of titles, we're opting for high-octane thrills. Dads might be a little disappointed that this has nothing to do with the "Fast and Furious" movies but even so, whether you're a fan of speed machines that travel on land, on the sea or in the air, you're in for a stellar treat.

Fast and Furious rounds up the world's fastest vehicles. Everything from the tail-sliding rally champions to the ultimate in combat aircraft, with speedboats and hydrofoils skimming the waves too.

Like the previous TickTock title we looked at, "If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today", this book is jammed to the gills with lots of facts and figures on your favourite dream machines, coupled with glossy illustrations and photos.

We very quickly established that while Daddy is definitely still in love with Porsches and Lambourghinis (we're definitely a petrolhead family), Charlotte is a Ferrari girl. Though try as we might to convince her that Ferraris should only be red, she still rather fancies a pink F50. Eek!

TickTock books of course have good 'Daddy / Son' appeal but don't let that put you off if you're a Mum or a Daughter, there's plenty in here to engage relucant readers (whether boy or girl) who prefer their non-fiction books over storybooks. With an absolute ton of information and some really racy spreads, "Fast and Furious" is thoroughly recommended.

Charlotte's best bit: Drooling over the Ferraris

Daddy's favourite bit: One day I WILL own a Carrerra. One day.

(Kindly sent to us for review by TickTock Media)

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